COMPOSTER 275L | 110


Individual composter for 2 to 6 people


45 centimetres wide!
An ideal composter for balconies!

EKOVORE 275L individual composter installed on a balcony

An innovative composting solution designed on legs to make emptying the compost easier.
Separated from the soil, these composters work thanks to a table that you must first “feed” with a few shovelfuls of living soil: micro-organisms, worms… essential to the composting process.
Plusieurs configurations pour répondre à tous vos usages : 275L / 300L / 500L / 800L

It is delivered as a kit for self-assembly. Live soil not supplied

Technical characteristics

To guarantee a long life, the wood panels are made of 21mm thick Douglas fir, untreated and naturally rot-proof.
A space is maintained between each board to allow full peripheral aeration and promote aerobic fermentation.

The structure is made from corrosion-resistant sheet steel.

The composter is supplied as a KIT to assemble yourself with assembly instructions.
The tools required (not supplied) are a screwdriver or a screwdriver and a spanner.


5 models

This composter is available in 5 models, 2 of which can accommodate a wheelbarrow.


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