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Urban collective composter


This composter is designed as street furniture. It offers new functionalities in terms of urban integration and composting comfort.
This kiosk is designed for public space and condominiums. à supprimer The quality of the composts is guaranteed by a metal enclosure which protects against uncontrolled deposits. A turning aid device facilitates the transfer of the compost between the deposit zone and the maturation zone. This composter, equipped with a green roof, collects rainwater in a cistern. This collective composter is sized to transform bio-waste into compost for 50 households.

Technical characteristics

Collective compost!

A micro-factory to valorize your bio-waste into fertilizer!!
Placed in a public space, this composter makes it possible to collectively reduce bio-waste in a proportion of 3 to 1. Each year, this shared composter makes it possible to absorb 5 tonnes of bio-waste from 50 households and reduce it into 1.5 tonnes of compost. This quality compost is made available to residents who want to feed planters, vegetable gardens or even public green spaces.

Local authorities, who wish to develop a policy of reducing waste at source and significantly reduce the share of buried and incinerated waste at a lower cost. Citizens, city dwellers, who, not having a garden, wish to compost their kitchen waste. Taxpayers, who wish to reduce their incentive fee when it is in place in their municipality. Consum’actors, who know that composting at source releases ten times less CO2 than the collection of bio-waste. Other local players: companies, establishments with collective catering, commercial catering and hotel-restaurants, large and medium-sized supermarkets, large food retailers, structures developing shared composting.

Landscape integration
Today, the questions of urban integration are central. It is essential that the composting function be introduced into the urban landscape by proposing a discreet and compact device. These new environmental gestures related to sorting can operate provided that the action of composting is comfortable and rewarding. The elegance, but also the functional quality of the equipment are essential.
This shared composter is designed for private and public spaces, squares, sidewalks, condominium courtyards, parks, car parks, public gardens… It is designed to integrate into the built environment, landscapes and architecture of your buildings. Its outer envelope is customizable according to the RAL color chart. It thus offers optimum urban integration in compliance with the recommendations of local urban plans.


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