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male waterless urinal


The NPK women’s and men’s urinals form a contemporary range of waterless sanitaryware, designed with consistency in mind.

NPK Female and Male | Dry male urinal (waterless) for installation in private homes, collective housing and establishments open to the public.

The NPK male urinal is a waterless urinal. It can be installed and used independently or as part of the complete NPK urine collection system.

The NPK system is a urine collection system for collective housing and public buildings. It consists of 3 components:
1 – a male waterless urinal
2 – a female waterless urinal
3 – a facade tank
Each component can be supplied independently.

NPK System | Urine collection system for individual and collective housing and public buildings | System consisting of dry urinals (male and female) and a stainless steel urine tank.
NPK | Urine collection system

To facilitate collection at the source, in collective housing, we have imagined a system made up of three technical bricks: two waterless urinals, female and male, associated with a storage tank installed at the border of the public space or in a technical room.

Circular diagram of urine collection and recovery illustrating each stage: collection, storage, emptying, recovery in the form of fertilisers.
Circular scheme for the collection and recovery of urine – NPK | System

Facade tank

Technical characteristics


Components to be assembled for installation of the NPK male dry urinal
Components of the male dry urinal NPK

On BA13 and walls with visible or invisible pipe.

Installation configuration for NPK male dry urinal on wall and BA13
Components of the male dry urinal NPK


Side view of the male dry urinal
Side view of the male dry urinal



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