Urban urinal


The uritrottoir, the ecological urban solution to civilize the “wild pees”.

Everywhere, where cities have to manage the nuisances related to the influx of people: city center, restaurants, events and facilities open to the public… the uritrottoir offers an ecological, economical and effective solution for urination.

Accessible 24 hours a day when the bars are closed .

• The streets are getting healthier.

• Shop windows spared.
• Preserved technical cabinets.
• Disappearance of odors.
• A substantial decrease in complaints from residents and traders .
• Public toilets are less soiled and more available.

• More efficiency for technical cleaning services

• Considerable savings in water, detergents and deodorants.
• Noticeable time saving.

More peace of mind for technical cleaning services.

Faltazi Studio is currently developing the female version of the uritrottoir.

Principle of Operation

Uritrottoir is a waterless urinal.
It is easy to install on dirty places. Like any waterless toilet, it does not require connection to the sewerage network.

Maintained by the technical services or a delegated company, the uritrottoir collects and stores urine.

Uritrottoir can be connected.
It informs remotely of the filling level of the boxes.
It optimizes the maintenance route.

Choice of models and colors

To facilitate its urban integration and respond to different street configurations, 6 models are available. Their color can be chosen according to the urban charter applied in your city on street furniture. The uritrottoir exists with and without planter. (KRUG XL model)

Urine valorization

Once collected, the urine can be used as fertilizer for horticulture and agriculture.



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