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L’URITONNOIR | Clever urinal

Uritonnoirs installés aux USA avec pare-vues et sous une tente

URINE is a captivating subject!
When the uritonnoir was launched, we had a great article in the GUARDIAN.
“L’Uritonnoir: the straw bale urinal that makes compost from ‘liquid gold'”.

Let’s support it as best we can by carefully preparing two essential aids to understanding it:

💪 an assembly guide | just a reminder: the object is shipped flat-packed and requires two parts to be assembled once delivered. Tutorial available online!

💪 an instruction manual to help you understand the message conveyed by this new, somewhat exotic tool: combining straw+urine (carbon+nitrogen) to generate manure (human dung). It should be pointed out that it is made from UV- and FROST-resistant material and can therefore be kept outdoors. It is also washable and can be stacked for easy storage.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the countries it’s being used in and the contexts in which it’s being used.

First observation | The uritonnoir is very popular in Europe, especially in Northern Europe.
Hypothesis: beer country… mystery…

Second observation | The photos received illustrate the diversity of installation methods in terms of :

👉 modesty, by cleverly arranging straw bales together

👉 audience diversity, by managing the height for children, adding privacy screens for women who want to use it with a pisser-debout

👉 accessorising, litter bins, beer racks, etc.
👉 diversion of use, by using it directly planted in windrows of COMPOST 🪱 to activate its transformation for free

Third observation | The dry material used to plant the uritonnoir also varies according to local availability:

👉 some prefer our recommendation, STRAW, a waste product from cereal crops and perfectly suited to this use. 20€ per 300 kg straw bale.
👉 others install them in hay when they have plenty of it. Less relevant, since hay is primarily a livestock feed and its price can be five times that of straw. On the plus side, hay is much more absorbent than straw!
👉 And at the other end of the planet, in New Zealand, the mystery remains. We’ve never been able to identify the plant fibre used in the bales.

After more than ten years in existence, the URITONNOIR remains the :
👉 the lightest (only 400 grams)
👉 and the cheapest on the market! 💥

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L’uritonnoir | The TEST

Pisseur d'uritonnoir au Hellfest

We know that the uritonoir works perfectly in the backyard, but we still had to assess the absorption capacity of straw bales on a larger audience!

What festival do we have on hand near Nantes?

Well … Hellfest! 😈 A quick call to the KING of Hellfest logistics, always on the lookout for sanitary solutions.

He suggested we install nine round bales of straw, each fitted with 3 uritonnoirs. 27 uritonnoirs in the centre of WHITE CAMP HELLFEST, where 30,000 festival-goers pitch their tents!

A small observation team is organised. Like all conscientious and dedicated designers, we also pitch our tents at one end of the straw bales, equipped with hand-held counters.

The festival opens its doors! Go! Go!

How strange… after a few hours, the festival-goers gave up their 25 cl cups in favour of 1.5 litre jugs… 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

A tsunami of urine!

Fortunately, we’re not alone: additional sanitary solutions are in place. The first day passed calmly, with wave after wave of festival-goers. They put their jugs on the straw bales and empty their bladders at a frantic pace. At what point, after how many litres, will the straw bales implode? The third day was more complicated! A ball change would have been useful. A ball change would have been useful. But on such a busy festival, handling vehicles are banned for safety reasons.. This is what we call a full-scale crash-test of a technical function!

The small victory is hearing festival-goers exclaim: ‘Ah! But it’s for making manure… clever!’ 🪱
There it’s won: this little object does convey the essential message!

We now have our information:
We can now correctly size the number of uritonnoirs according to the number of users!

The uritonnoir is therefore highly effective in the following contexts:

– micro-festivals, which often have little money to hire sanitary facilities
– agricultural festivals (where straw is readily available)
– green classes, scouting and other nature camps
– sporting events (along trails and other running routes)
– family celebrations, birthdays
– corporate events
– campsites and farm gites
– accrobranche and via ferrata sites
– adventure parks
– and of course in ALL GARDEN AREAS without distinction!

Wherever this precious liquid is harvested to be used in situ as fertiliser for tomatoes! 🍅

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BOB ! Also for on-the-go consumption!

BOB collecte le verre et les emballages issus de la consommation nomade

BOB is designed for the collection and sorting of glass in public spaces, but not only that…

BOB now also offers an out-of-home collection and sorting solution for on-the-go packaging! BOB has a new square yellow lid for food packaging.

Another new feature is that BOB has broadened its shoulders, offering a second storage capacity of 530 litres.

BOB is simply emptied by suction, using the fleets of sweepers and vacuum cleaners already available in urban areas. It can be emptied by a single operator. It saves a considerable amount of time and manpower, as it avoids the need for cumbersome manual collection, which can lead to musculo-skeletal disorders.

BOB is a removable device. It can therefore offer a collection solution for urban cultural or sporting events.

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NPK | Waterless urinals for both sexes

NPK Femme | Urinoir sec féminin (sans eau) pour installation en maison individuel, habitat collectif et ERP (établissement recevant du public)

Production of the NPK range of waterless stainless steel urinals at APPI (Angers-France) has started! This range has been designed for both sexes, with a consistent look. It can now be installed in any public building (school, swimming pool, etc.) or in private homes that have decided to reduce their water consumption.

Principle of the dry siphon

NPK Women & Men | Dry siphon
NPK Women & Men

INSTALLATION CONFIGURATIONS | On BA13 and wall with visible or invisible pipe.

Dimensional drawing of male and female dry urinals

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Ekovore / Prix du Bosquet des innovations 2023 at Jardins Jardin aux Tuileries!

Trophée Edmond&fils. Le composteur individuel Ekovore lauréat du Bosquet des innovations lors de l'événement organisé aux Tuileries Jardins, Jardin

The surprise of the day!

The Bosquet Prize for Innovation 2023! Gardens Garden at the Tuileries

Trophy made by Edmond&Fils

Jardins Jardin ! It’s off to the Tuileries for 5 days of intense exchanges.

#tuileries #transitionécologique #eaupluviale #IBC #jardinage #potager #économiecirculaire #valorisation #écologie #ecodesign #jardins #laureat #bosquetdesinoovations #jardinsjardin

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Uritonnoir is 10 years old!…

Tableau pour fêter les dix ans de l'uritonnoir

Uritonoir is 10 years old!…

… 10 years of providing a light, environmentally friendly and economical sanitary service,

  • for the vegetable gardens
  • for micro-festivals
  • for gîtes and campsites on the farm
  • for agricultural events
  • for sporting events, trails, marathons
  • for ecomuseums

In France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and even the USA!

#urine #fertiliser #agriculture #nitrogen #phoshore #npk #circulareconomy #waterless

And for its 10th anniversary, throughout the month of May, the uritonnoir offers you a 10% discount