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BOB ! Also for on-the-go consumption!

BOB collecte le verre et les emballages issus de la consommation nomade

BOB is designed for the collection and sorting of glass in public spaces, but not only that…

BOB now also offers an out-of-home collection and sorting solution for on-the-go packaging! BOB has a new square yellow lid for food packaging.

Another new feature is that BOB has broadened its shoulders, offering a second storage capacity of 530 litres.

BOB is simply emptied by suction, using the fleets of sweepers and vacuum cleaners already available in urban areas. It can be emptied by a single operator. It saves a considerable amount of time and manpower, as it avoids the need for cumbersome manual collection, which can lead to musculo-skeletal disorders.

BOB is a removable device. It can therefore offer a collection solution for urban cultural or sporting events.

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BOB celebrates its first year!

Le container à verre BOB se vide par balayeuse aspirante. Une porte à bascule permet l'accès au verre pour l'aspirer. Deux agents techniques de Nantes Métropole aspirent les bouteilles en verre en vu de leur recyclage.

BOB, the tactical glass collector installed at Nantes Métropole, is celebrating its first year of operation!
1 waste management officer / 10 BOBs installed / 1 Aebi Schmidt Group vacuum sweeper / 2 empties of 4m3 per week / 800kg of glass collected.

BOB, the missing link between the litter bin and the large glass container!

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BOB presented to the technical services of Nantes Métropole

Présentation de BOB aux Services techniques de la propreté de Nantes Métropole

This morning, BOB was presented to all of Nantes Métropole’s waste management technical departments.

BOB, the missing link between the city litter bin (which is too small) and the large glass containers (which take up too much space).
Emptying by vacuum cleaner to simplify the day-to-day work of field operatives, who are used to having to collect glass litter by hand. An above-ground solution that is easy to install without the need for a soil survey.

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