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ROSILUV at the Parc Maximilien Farm in Brussels

ROSILUV Ferme du Parc Maximilien à Bruxelles

In Brussels, the Ferme du parc Maximilien collective, set up on a wasteland, has no water supply.

He chose the ROSILUV GALVA self-contained rainwater collector for watering.

Thank you to Maral Voskertchian, project manager, for her feedback:

“The structure seems to be holding up well and the first rain has already partly filled the tank. This collector will now give us access to water on an urban wasteland so that we can grow a few planters with the help of local residents”.

Rosiluv is a clever rainwater collector that can be installed on top of 1000-liters intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) so that they can be filled without the need for a nearby roof.

It’s an economical solution for watering vegetable gardens, allotments and shared gardens, educational school gardens and urban wasteland. Rosiluv also provides a simple solution for access to water for eco-pasture.

This robust, low-tech 4.3m2 funnel is made from galvanised steel.

Using Rosiluv :

– you have easy access to water for irrigation.
– you reduce your water bills.
– you have a rain shelter to store your tools.
– optimise the life of your IBC tank by protecting it from UV rays.

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