Urban urinal


Project under development…

The female uritrottoir is designed on stilts. It does not require any connection to the sewer system. It can be easily installed in public spaces. This elevation makes it possible to slide in a 450-liter tank for urine collection. This is a low-tech and robust solution. For security and privacy, it has a lockable cabin. A sign specifies the gender: female, and the function: urinating, faeces prohibited. To ensure optimal cleanliness, the interior is made of stainless steel. The shape of the urinal is designed to urinate in a squat position and thus avoid contact. The natural ventilation of the cabin is ensured by a succession of fins constituting the cabin. Equipped with a connected sensor, the manager can remotely control the filling of the tank and empty the tank in time. This project is part of a circular economy logic. Once pumped, the urine, rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, can be used as fertilizer.


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