ROSILUV | polypropylene


Rainwater collector


You don’t have a roof or a greenhouse in your vegetable garden?
Is it difficult to connect a roof to your water tank?
Rosiluv has been designed to facilitate the collection of rainwater in complete autonomy.

This is a 3.6 m2 funnel roof that attaches to an IBC 1000×1200 water tanker.
Its 4 petals capture rainwater to direct it by gravity to the watertank.


Technical characteristics

Rosiluv is available as a self-assembly and folding kit, with 12 parts to assemble, bolts and assembly instructions.
Two flat keys are all you need for assembly (not supplied).
Rosiluv is made from pre-grooved polypropylene sheets 1.2mm thick and pre-galvanised sheet steel 1mm thick.

It is advisable to anchor it to the ground to avoid any overturning in strong winds.

The height of the roof can be adjusted with the installation of a basement at the water tank.

IBC and anchoring material not provided.


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